What is The Pillar Life?

The Pillar Life is a simple strategy we created to transform our lives. A life-guidance system that can become the framework you need for a radical shift in your own experience.

Here’s how we see it: The landscape of our lives — we call it our LifeScape — is comprised of eight pillars: Health + Wellness, Spirituality + Happiness, Romance + Sex, Friends + Family, Creativity + Innovation (formerly known as work), Adventure + Discovery, Sanctuary + Beauty, and Money + Abundance.

In this LifeScape, we are always looking to manifest the Next Right Dream. That notion bubbling up, maybe just at the periphery of your perception. That vision you can almost reach out and touch, but not quite. That idea tugging at your imagination. The Pillar Life approach is a practical (and magical), step-by-step (and quantum) way to see, name and move toward the Next Right Dream on the joyride of your life.

The Pillar Life approach is yours to design. A personal life recipe to create and build upon as you experience what works for you. We’re all here to live the lives of our dreams. This simple structure helps us stay on the path.

Here’s to The Pillar Life!


The Pillar Life Team