Ep 70 Best of 2018 Vol.1

This year been a joyride. Sheri and Nancy have talked with some of the most fascinating and inspiring people they’ve ever met and now they want to share a few of their favorite eye-opening, poignant and hilarious nuggets from 2018.

They upgraded their dreams and pledged to “take it easy” with Deepak Chopra, talked style and sanctuary with Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, and welcomed in Wabi Sabi love with ‘lovemaster’ Arielle Ford.

Sher and Nance are fired up for 2019, and can’t wait to take their Pillar Lives to the next level, with all of you DreamTribers!


  • Ep 18: “Upgrading our Dreams with Deepak Chopra”When we deconstruct who we are, what we want, and what our purpose is, we end up with infinite possibilities.
    How to call in your highest purpose? Take it easy. Make your vision as vivid and colorful as possible, relax into being, let go of the effort to make things a certain way, and then surrender to uncertainty.
  • Ep 24: “Beauty with Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent”The middle of life is a time to own your individual style and have fun, not shrink or hide from it.
    Our homes are either transitional or transformational. Even if it’s just a small corner of your home, having a space that reflects your highest self is so important.
  • Ep 17: “Living As If with Arielle Ford”We can find perfect love in imperfect relationships.
    Most of the “annoying” habits of our loved ones are things we end up missing immensely when they are gone

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Ep 18: “Upgrading our Dreams with Deepak Chopra”
Ep 24: “Beauty with Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent”|
Ep 17: “Living As If with Arielle Ford”

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