Ep 72 Best of 2018 Vol.2

It’s the second installment of the Best of 2018. Sheri and Nancy went looking for their highest downloaded episodes of the year (and personal favorites) and found three inspiring women who came on the show to share life-changing wisdom. 

Mel Robbins helped us stop pressing the snooze buttons of our lives with her powerful “5-Second Rule”. Angela Manuel Davis brought us to tears when she unwrapped the layers of possibility for our gifts, our potential, our destiny. And Kris Carr reminded us that we are each the CEOs of our health and it’s time to take the wheel when it comes to self-care. 

A trivecta of motivation to get us ready for our 2019 Pillar Lives!


Ep 34: “Mel Robbins and the 5 Second Rule”
● The gap of knowing what we want to do and deciding to actually do it is about 5 seconds long. It may seem like a flash of time, yet it dictates so much of the 35,000 decisions we make in a day. When we lean into this gap, we can take inspired action and we step into our power.

● Procrastination is a symptom of stress and our attempt to relieve it. The more we acknowledge what we are stressed about, we can use Mel’s 5 Second Rule to break through those barriers 

Ep 35: “Angela Manuel-Davis: Honor Your Body”

● Gratitude changes things. When we start with a simple thank you in the morning for even just getting out of bed, it can shift our day.

● Our body is what houses the gift of our lives. When we understand that, it changes our perspective. The choice is ours for how to honor our bodies.

Ep 42: “Kris Carr and our Crazy Sexy SELVES”

● The more plants and better quality protein we consume, the better we feel and the more positive impact we make on the planet. The name of the game is “progress” not “perfection” when it comes to diet and lifestyle.  

● The more we take accountability for our lifestyle choices, the more empowered we become. And if not now when? Midlife can be a sexy, juicy time for self-care, and it is never too late to add better, stronger choices to the mix. 

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Ep 34: “Mel Robbins and the 5 Second Rule”
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Ep 42: “Kris Carr and our Crazy Sexy SELVES”

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