Cheers, Tears and Metaphysical Wonder

Thanks to ESPN, ABC News and reporters everywhere, this story keeps making headlines. I promise that you don’t have to like sports, you don’t have to be an avid college football fan and you absolutely don’t have to be an Iowa Hawkeye to get this in the core of your soul.

Here’s what happened:

The new children’s hospital at the University of Iowa was built to overlook Kinnick Stadium, home of the Iowa Hawkeyes. Because of this brilliant architectural decision, the heroic little patients and their families can take a break on Saturday from their heartbreaking medical struggles and watch the game from the best seats in town.

That’s a good story but what happened next is money.

During the season opener, just weeks ago, when the first quarter ended (normally not a big barnburner event) a metaphysical wonder occurred. It’s said someone dreamed this up, another someone posted the idea on Facebook but, holy cow, what came next was a downright phenomenon. Somehow on that day, at the precise time, 70,000 people caught the momentum, rose up in unison, looked up at the kids and with hand outstretched, waved like crazy for a really long time. And the kids waved back.

It was a showstopper. We are a nation of hallowed traditions, especially in the world of sport, but it is a rare day you see a bonafide tradition born right before your eyes — yet indeed it happened on September 2, 2017 in the heartland of America. By all accounts everyone who experienced it, including hard-bitten journalists and “seen it all” sportscasters knew this powerful gesture was a lock until the end of time.

It felt that good.

A few weeks ago, I returned to Iowa City as a loyal alum to cheer for my Hawkeyes and experience week two of “The Wave” myself. Just the electricity alone could knock you out. As I wiped the tears from my eyes, I experienced a sweeping, palpable “wave” of compassion bigger than sports, bigger than life. It is powerful divine magic rooted in unseen forces and the like. When we gather and create “a moment” like that, a vibrational love stream, we become connected soul to soul to soul. Nothing else knits us together quite so beautifully. It’s how we all get to participate in the quantum dance of goodness. It’s how we get to love with ferocious power. How we make our own contribution to the uplifting of the planet.

It shouldn’t surprise us when we learn someday that the little patients of the University of Iowa’s Stead Family Children’s Hospital have recovery rates beyond anything seen anywhere else. Because they will. That is how the Universe works.

Let’s dance.