Ep 109 Dream Your Life into Being!

Sheri and Nancy are jumping into the new year (and new decade) with enormous changes. Nancy has taken her love story to the next level. She and David got engaged on NYE and Nancy is practically floating with happiness. Sheri has met him, and has thrown her FULL support behind this union – she and David are already great friends. And Sheri has a new beating heart in her home too – a big welcome to Dolly, an absolutely adorable English Bulldog puppy who is part-sweetheart-part-rascal, but pure love. 

January also brings a 30-day detox for both Sheri and Nancy (after an indulgent holiday season, they truly needed it). Sheri’s on an anti-inflammatory detox and Nancy is doing Whole30 for the first time. 

Some big news: We are introducing a never-been-seen-before Dream Practice to kick off 2020, and the decade ahead. It comes with a bespoke tool, so listen in and find out what we’ve conjured up for you. 

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In this episode: