Ep 113 The Blue Zones with Dan Buettner

In the Blue Zones people eat better and live longer. It’s a fascinating window into what we can learn from cultures and their cuisines. Sheri and Nancy are ALL IN. They have eliminated sugar, cut back on alcohol, removed dairy, and things are looking and feeling pretty good. 

Dan Buettner joins the episode to talk all about Blue Zones and his latest best seller, The Blue Zones Kitchen (oh how we love to dig into recipes). Dan is part anthropologist, part travel writer, part amazing cook. He reveals the secrets to living longer, healthier lives through food, movement and community. 

These secrets have been passed down from generation to generation and yes, Dan actually sat in kitchens with grandmas watching them add a pinch here and a pinch there to create their peasant food masterpieces. This conversation is everything we love about food: real, honest, whole goodness. Bring it! 


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