Ep 118 Future Vision Boards with Sarah Centrella

Sheri has been a magazine fanatic for most of her life, and in fact her habit of tearing out pages of magazines to save ideas for better things, places, people and ideas was the foundation of Sheri + Nancy’s “Betters” … but all that has changed folks. Sheri’s practically had a meltdown about the state of publishing. She unpacks it for Nancy as the show opens.

Then Sheri + Nancy announce their first esteemed faculty member for DreamCamp 2020. It’s none other than Sarah Centrella, the expert on manifesting your dream life with Future Boards. Sarah is back in this episode sharing some of the amazing things she’s created in her own life using her signature tools, and what she has planned for our DreamCamp.

Sheri + Nancy also reveal the best-selling Better of the week. Nancy gets candle suggestions from the DreamTribe, and lots of new DreamTribers have figured out how to leave iTunes reviews (we could not be more grateful).


Mentioned in this episode: