Ep 119 Dr Anna Cabeca, The Girlfriend Doctor

Sheri + Nancy open the show discussing the one thing on everyone’s mind right now, the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe. It’s frightening, and we’re practicing extreme caution, rescheduling the April 3rd Vancouver luncheon and all other upcoming travel. We’re lighting a candle for everyone affected by this illness, but at the end of the episode, Sheri + Nancy share a “Better” that might help us all through this (it’s not a product, it’s an approach to the crisis that can shore us up). 

Then, Dr. Anna Cabeca joins the show and Sheri + Nancy are giddy to announce another member of the DreamCamp 2020 faculty: The Girlfriend Doctor herself. She’s our first call about everything related to our sexual health and overall wellness. 

Dr. Anna talks to us about her groundbreaking new book which will be released in May, Keto-Green 16 and why she believes the traditional approach to Keto is not great for women over 40. Her new Keto method is all about layering in the Green (plants and alkalinity). She also chats about her best-selling product (Julva, a cream for your delicate parts) and why she believes the prime real estate of our bodies is the clitoris to the anus. Get ready for some real talk. 


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