Ep 120 Jack Canfield, The Principles of Success Launch

Sheri and Nancy announce a DreamCamp 2020 faculty headliner. He is the number-one most heralded expert on success today, and the creator of the world-famous Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Visionary, author and leader, Jack Canfield.

This episode kicks off a special four-month (every other week) series that we know our DreamTribers are going to love. It’s a free “course” you can take as you listen along with The Sheri + Nancy Show and it’s based on Jack’s best-selling book, The Success Principles.

In this episode, Jack takes Sheri, Nancy and the ‘Tribe through Chapter 1 of his newest book, The Success Principles Workbook. They talk about what it means to take 100 percent responsibility for your life. 

Listen along as we dive straight into how complaining and blaming will hold you back from everything you want. Jack shares his personal practice of asking his wife each week how she would rate their relationship and what he needs to do to make sure his rating is a solid 10. Wow. That’s brave. 

Powerful, personal and provocative.

Join us every other week as we workshop our way through The Success Principles Workbook by Jack Canfield. We’re so excited to learn. We know you are too, DreamTribe.


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