Ep 123 SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life with Julie Morgenstern

We know that all our closets, cabinets, corners, crevices, habits and beliefs should be vibrant, never stagnant. World-famous decluttering expert Julie Morgenstern has a signature approach to enliven our spaces called SHED, and it’s all about getting unstuck.

Julie joins the show to talk about the big difference between organizing and decluttering. Organizing is about designing systems that make you more efficient. Decluttering is about identifying and releasing what is obsolete in your life, to help you move forward.

Nancy has an epiphany (of course) about an old set of her mother’s china that she’s been carrying around for years (she calls it her “Guilt”), and Julie gives the DreamTribe an exercise to try as they begin to SHED: First, name your theme – come up with a word or phrase that defines your next chapter, and the path you want to light up. Second, inventory everything that is holding you back from that path – walk through your house and put Post-it notes on areas that feel stagnant. Third, on a sheet of paper make these four columns:

  • The area or point of entry.
  • How much space does it take up?
  • What % of it is obsolete?
  • What is your level of attachment?

And as a special gift to the DreamTribe, on Monday, April 27 at 5 pm pacific, Julie will host a FaceBook LIVE session in our private FaceBook Group (TPL DreamMates). She’ll answer your questions about the exercise and about how to SHED. What fun! Don’t miss it.

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