Ep 126 Believe It’s Possible and Take Action!

You can’t cross an ocean by standing at the shore looking at the water. No kidding, this kind of talk is like catnip for Sheri + Nancy. They leapt right into Chapters 6 and 7 of The Success Principles Workbook by one of their favorite teachers, Jack Canfield. 

This week, the conversation is all about believing your goals are actually possible and then taking action to make them come true. Jack says that believing is a decision. Identifying limiting beliefs and replacing them with new, positive beliefs is crucial if you want your life to soar, instead of just limp along. Um, yes please. We want the soaring.

One of Nancy’s favorite positive belief statements from Jack’s workbook is: “I have everything I need to create everything I want.” Sheri + Nancy walk through Jack’s brilliant (and super revealing) exercise for moving from “I can’t” to “I won’t” to “I will”.  Nancy has yet another epiphany that she is an “I won’t” girl. It feels so empowering to recognize and change our patterns, right DreamTribe? 

Sheri reveals she is triggered by the next topic: Taking action. She associates it with too many to-do lists, but then also recognizes this is an old behavior she has long since released. Jack tells us that inspired action is much more powerful than a to-do list.  

He leaves us with a practical tip that we can all incorporate into our lives: “When you think it, ink it.” Meaning, write down your thoughts and inspirations the moment they appear. They visit you for a reason. Heed them. 


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