Ep 128 Jack Canfield Helps Us Breakthrough Fear

Sheri + Nancy are into Chapters 8 and 9 of The Success Principles Workbook with Jack Canfield and it’s all about breaking through FEAR.

Jack says we are born with only two types of fear: the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling backwards. Every other fear is learned. Fear of spiders, snakes, heights. And of course, the fear of failing or being shamed. The good news? We can unlearn a lot of these fears, if you’re willing to confront your inner critic.

Jack’s big tip about overcoming fear and taking risks is to never risk more than you can afford to lose. He points out that when we are afraid of imagined things, we have an actual physiological reaction to something that hasn’t even happened. It feels real even when it isn’t. If we can feel the fear of something that hasn’t happened, we can do the same thing with our dreams and desires. Experience the success, victory and good feelings before your goal is manifested.

Fears are often the result of the voice in our head Jack calls our inner critic, which was likely planted there in childhood. That inner critic is often still driving our behaviors. Jack suggests imagining your most fearful outcomes and then re-imagining that same situation with the desired outcome.

Sheri + Nancy both find this to be so powerful. Jack explains the reason why you must help for help. He quotes Gandhi who talked about getting the British to leave India. Ask or you don’t get. Jack coaches us to ask for help and tell the why.  When people understand your “why”, they are more likely to say yes.

We wrap the episode with a quotable from Nancy:  “I can scare myself or inspire myself.” 


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