Ep 129 Never Never Give Up!

Sheri and Nancy kick things off with the announcement of NEW swag, and this one is months in the making. The Sheri + Nancy Show coffee mug is here, available in the Piller Life Shop. On one side is the name of the show, and the other side reminds us all to reach for the “Next Right Dream” – we love this mug, DreamTribe. Took us forever to track down the perfect size and shape (from the fabled Oakville Grocery in Napa Valley). Get yours now. 

The conversation picks up with the next two chapters of Jack Canfield’s Success Principles Workbook: Ask for feedback often and early, and practice persistence. Here’s the thing about feedback – nobody likes it because it feels like an invitation to hear criticism. Jack says we have to become dispassionately neutral about feedback. Easier said than done, but let’s all give it our best try, because feedback helps us grow, evolve, improve, and reach our goals. 

Jack also says that persistence is key to success, and encourages us to never, ever quit or give up on our dreams. Sheri shares her career story of unflagging persistence in the face of disappointment and failure. She waa always willing to start over as many times as it took to find the career path of her dreams. An inspirational story if ever there was one. 

Nancy shares how she started her 30-year writing career by looking for an opportunity, asking for a chance, and not giving up until she became a professional writer. And of course her biggest persistence payback — slogging through years of online dating to finally be rewarded with True Love. Sher and Nance are prime examples that persistence pays off with success and happiness. And we want that for all of you. 


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