Ep 131 Racial Justice and the America We Can Be

This episode is heartfelt, revealing and important conversation about what’s happening in our country right now, and our shared history that brought this moment forth. Sheri and Nancy sit down with Sybil Amuti, executive brand strategist, philanthropist and podcast producer and host of The Great Girlfriends Podcast. 

Sybil joins the show to talk about the social, cultural and political truths about being Black in America, in the midst of the Black Lives Matter protests swelling in the streets of every state in our country. Sheri and Nancy talk with Sybil about how to be effective allies in this movement of awareness and change. The three agree that the first order of business is for white people to challenge our own implicit bias, and sit with the uncomfortable reality that we were all raised in a country burdened with systemic racism. We have to learn, grow, heal our hearts and souls, and then get to work to dissolve racism. 

We like to say on our show that “these are the only conversations we want to have” and typically that means conversations about living our Pillar Lives and making all the rest of our dreams come true. The other vital conversation to have is one about justice, fairness, equal opportunity and respect for all. We are so grateful we were able to have this conversation with Sybil. Please tune in. 


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