Ep 132 How Do We Keep Our Consciousness Lit? with Jack Canfield

It’s our Season 3 Finale! And what a great way to wrap up this season, with a final conversation with Jack Canfield on the last chapters of The Success Principle Workbook. We have loved this series and all the breakthrough lessons and wisdom nuggets we’ve learned.  

We kick off the episode with an honest conversation about how white people can step up to the plate and challenge our unconscious bias to help promote racial justice in the world today. Jack says we are a “cancer country with a heart attack mentality” and sadly it takes a tragedy like the murder of George Floyd to mobilize us to action. Vigilance is required to change our mindset of complacency and inaction.The people in the streets are fighting for their lives and protest is the MOST American action – this country was built on revolution.

How do we keep our awakening consciousness lit? Jack says to keep moving forward and keep the conversation going. Stay active.This is a marathon, we must be in it for the long haul.

The final chapter in the workbook Is about developing a positive money mindset. It’s a timely topic for so many who have lost jobs and income during the COVID pandemic. Jack talks about challenging our limiting beliefs around money through the power of affirmations.

Over the course of this workbook series, Sheri and Nancy have had big epiphanies around affirmations in general, and how they can truly shift your energy around a subject, helping you manifest what you want in life.

Lastly, Jack gives us all guidance on what he means by “dispassionate” feedback. It means not taking anything personally. Accepting feedback, making a conscious decision about whether or not you think the feedback is accurate and true, and then deciding what to do about it. 

Sheri + Nancy say goodbye for the summer. Have fun everyone, and be safe. We love you all and we’ll keep you posted on when we’re back! 


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