Ep 10 Adventure, Old Friends, and Bumble

The big question that started everything for Sheri and Nancy was very simply, “What’s next?” What does it mean to be a woman in her 50s? What more can we do? Is there such a thing as a next act, a chapter two?

The answer to “What’s next?” keeps expanding and evolving. The DreamQuest started with five pillars: Health & Wellness, Spirituality & Happiness, Romance & Sex, Friends & Family, and Creativity & Innovation. Now Sheri and Nancy have added a sixth pillar, and this might be the most exciting one of all: Adventure & Discovery.

Adventure & Discovery is all about breaking out of old habits, trying new things, facing those things that used to embarrass or scare you, and deciding you’re going to do them anyway. This doesn’t have to mean scaling mountains or skydiving. Discovery can be learning a new language. Adventure can be trying a dating app. Anything that opens your heart and shifts your perception. That’s what Sheri and Nancy are committing to in their sixth DreamQuest pillar. And they invite you to join the adventure.


  • [8:00] Sheri and Nancy suggest using questions like “What’s next?” and “Why not me?” as internal prompts for conversations with ourselves and the people we love.
  • [13:14] Old friends, who we know like the back of our hand, give us the great gift of making us feel seen and known.
  • [16:14] Adventure & Discovery is the newly added DreamQuest pillar! Getting out there and mixing it up can take many forms, even just dancing by yourself at a wedding.
  • [22:08] Sheri and Nancy do a DreamQuest pillar update, sharing their status on Health & Wellness and Romance & Sex.
  • [25:25] Nancy moved out of Belle Vie (Sheri misses her cooking), and is about to jump into the LA dating scene with Bumble.
  • [37:05] Sheri and Nancy decide that rather than worry about specific ages, attributes or types in their potential soul-mate men, they’re going to focus on how they want to feel in love.

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