Ep 11 Tatum O’Neal

When iconic actor and Hollywood royalty Tatum O’Neal joined Sheri and Nancy for this week’s podcast, the conversation turned to the things they all have in common: food, love, self acceptance and the pursuit of happiness across the board. Tatum openly shares her story of self-acceptance. “I’m open to letting love in – finally,” she says.

Tatum – who just launched her own delightful podcast, Tatum Verbatim – is focusing on inner work in the Health & Wellness pillar, among other things. Sheri and Nancy love her no-holds-barred approach on everything from self-care to friends and family (“framily”) to dating in her fifties (she explains why none of us should hesitate to bail mid-dinner on a bad date). Like Sheri and Nancy, Tatum is manifesting her dream life, focusing on her own “recipe” for joy, and surrounding herself with people who uplift her.

Welcome to the DreamTribe, Tatum!


  • [10:36] Tatum O’Neal shares what inspires her to feel a sense of passion and how she is making the most of life in her fabulous fifties.
  • [12:16] It’s important to only surround yourself with friends and family (framily) who encourage you and lift you up. Your vibration and energy depend on it.
  • [14:23] The pressure to stay thin for any woman is daunting, but as an actress in Los Angeles, Tatum has personal experience with pressure while living in the public eye. Growing up as a young girl she was surrounded by Hollywood’s most iconic beauties and felt the need from both inner and outside influences to maintain a very demanding ideal of beauty.
  • [26:59] Tatum’s ideal eating plan that works for her to stay strong, healthy, and beautiful is mostly protein and vegetables. It is important for her to stay on the path of Health & Wellness due to some health challenges with Candida and Rheumatoid Arthritis. She and Sheri both see Dr. Rachel West in their journey to optimal health and are grateful for the spiritual relationship they have with their doctor.
  • [36:55] Tatum is single at the moment, but she inspires us all with her no-nonsense attitude toward dating.
  • [45:51] Insider dating tip: Have men meet you somewhere close to your house. That way you only have a short walk or drive home. They should come to you!
  • [53:05] Tatum’s dream that she’s currently manifesting is to work on a series, stay focused on her own recipe, and continue her full and delicious life with uplifting friends and family.

To email Tatum: Tatumverbatimpodcast@gmail.com

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