Ep 13 The Oracle Colette Baron-Reid

What’s better than sitting down with an Oracle on your birthday? On the day Sheri turns 58, she has a special birthday reading with Colette Baron-Reid, world-renowned intuitive counselor, psychic medium and best-selling author. Colette offers a glimpse into the year ahead for Sheri, and the two talk about how to let go of things that don’t serve you, the art of manifesting your dreams, and how to open your heart with meditation and gratitude.

Also this week, Sheri and Nancy kick off the episode by reading a few DreamTribe reviews of their podcast. They even try to call a few people to thank them on air (with less-than-optimum results).


  • [19:29] World-famous oracle Colette Baron-Reid joins the podcast for Sheri’s special birthday reading.
  • [21:19] Birthdays are an opportunity to look at the previous year, see what you learned, and think about what to let go of during the next cycle.
  • [30:14] Magic happens in the invisible, but you have to be willing to be present and observe the moment rather than be caught up in your to-do lists.
  • [32:25] Manifesting is not as easy as people think. It’s a constant practice and a dance between the mystical and taking action.
  • [34:21] During challenging times, Colette does a heart-opening meditation on gratitude. Some days are easy to be tuned in and feel the flow of the universe. On other days it’s like training a puppy. Practice makes perfect.
  • [41:42] Colette is a Harley-Davidson rider, a singer (she’s starting a new album!), and an all-around inspiration to women who want to create their own path in their 50s.
  • [46:16] Colette’s new Oracle cards are available on her website now. They are fantastic tools for co-creation and deliberate manifesting.
  • [53:14] Colette is always learning and seeking personal growth. In our society today, it’s easy to feel jealous and compare our success with others. The first step is not to try to cut off that feeling but to send love to the part of us that feels that way.

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