Ep 17 Living As If with Arielle Ford

It’s Wabi Sabi time. Sheri and Nancy sit down with Arielle Ford as she tells them about her philosophy of not only accepting, but embracing and adoring the “cracks” in your life and the people in it. Imperfections are the most interesting, and often the most endearing, parts. Arielle also shares how she approaches her life by “Living As If” and invites all of us to do the same. Live As If your love has arrived, your joy is complete and everything that you are (vibrationally) already connected to has arrived. This is next-level dreaming, and Sheri and Nancy love it. Arielle is a celebrated love expert, speaker and author who helps people find and keep their soul-mate relationships. Sheri and Nancy decide they don’t just want Wabi Sabi love … they want a Wabi Sabi LIFE.


  • [1:19] Arielle Ford, our guest today, helps people manifest their dream relationships and keep those relationships through joy and humor.
  • [4:19] Often, we’re in a rush to finding perfection with a partner, but the juicy and fun part comes with learning how to coexist and thrive with that person.
  • [7:18] Arielle shares why perfection is really “pure fiction.” Appreciating the beauty in imperfection in ourselves and others is one of the best ways to find and keep great love.
  • [11:14] A Wabi Sabi life is about crafting a new story and reframing negative things as gifts, lessons and endearing quirks.
  • [18:00] Toxic and negative thoughts can suppress our immune system for up to eight hours. Ariel gives suggestions on what to do when you’re caught in a negativity loop.
  • [21:47] “Tapping” is method to release limiting thoughts and stress patterns.
  • [25:42] Yes, we can co-create and manifest but there is also destiny, fate and karma, which can take us into situations we cannot predict.
  • [31:55] You are already connected to your soulmate. Talk to him (or her) on a heart level.
  • [37:16] Think about things you can you do today to Live As If. You can Live As If you already have your dream house or job or love.
  • [42:19] If you’re in a relationship, do something together that scares you both. This will release similar chemicals to when you first fall in love. (Great tip!)
  • [46:29] After your dates, look for what’s right rather than what’s wrong. Dates are a great way to have casual conversations and enjoy yourself.

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