Ep 18 Upgrading our Dreams with Deepak Chopra

It’s a deep dive this week, friends! One of the wisest and most prolific teachers of our time, Deepak Chopra, joins Sheri and Nancy this week.Together they unpack why it’s so important to examine the construct of aging and decipher the illusion of time. This mystical talk is like catnip to Sheri and Nancy and they jump right in. Deepak explains how the experience we have in our physical bodies can trick us into believing a story about aging that sends our mind reeling in bewilderment, rather than filling us with lighthearted joy. Deepak shares a wonderful, life-affirming nugget: “Joy is happiness for no reason.”

Deconstructing who we are can seem terrifying, but letting go of outcomes and attachments will open up the world for our own wild ride. Deepak’s pearls of wisdom and reminders to take a break, breathe, and let go of limiting beliefs are perfect for thinking about how to navigate and embrace the middle of life.

In the end, Deepak says, Life is just a story … so make sure you are telling yourself a good one.


  • [1:31]  Deepak shares his three new intentions from a recent week of silence: to unravel reality, to help alleviate suffering in the world to the extent that he can, and to release himself from all business activities in which he is involved.
  • [4:35] The key is to deeply examine the construct of aging, our physical bodies, and how our experience of having a body shifts throughout our whole life, moment to moment.
  • [11:12] Consciousness has no age and the real you is never born and never dies.
  • [18:41] If you want to create a new story, first you have to deconstruct all current stories you are telling yourself, and realize that you are having an experience that you can rewrite at any point.
  • [23:52] If you deconstruct who you are, why you are grateful, and what is it you want based on the stories you tell yourself, you can clear the path for infinite possibilities.
  • [34:09] Deepak’s advice on achieving your dreams: make the dream as vivid as possible. Relax into being. Let it go; surrender to uncertainty and predictability.
  • [36:01] For many of us, our backstory is bewildering, our present story is stressful, and our future story is challenging. Choose to see it as a great adventure with twists and turns and an outcome you aren’t attached to.
  • [38:54] Happiness for no reason is JOY.

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