Ep 22 Waking Up in Mid-Life with Cheryl Richardson

Let go of everything that bores you! That’s just one of the many nuggets uncovered in this week’s episode, where Sheri and Nancy meet Cheryl Richardson, whose groundbreaking new book, Waking up in Winter, explores what it means to redefine the middle of life.

Cheryl is a New York Times bestselling author, renowned speaker and coach, and a total inspiration to Sheri and Nancy. She tells them, “The only reason people are worried about time passing is because they are not happy with the lives they are living.”

Listen along as they talk about inner adventure, immersion of pleasure, and facing some of the wintry parts of ourselves. Nancy says that, for her, the title of Cheryl’s book reminds her that the “winter” of life can be like a blank white canvas, where we are invited to rewrite our own story, at any time.

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