Ep 23 Yoga Legend Seane Corn

Guru, activist, yoga goddess Seane Corn joins Sheri and Nancy to share poses, flows and breathtakingly wise advice on how to overcome all of life’s hesitations. Seane tells us that yoga creates a space for us to observe our own judgements and critiques, and then helps us shift into a place of acceptance where we can honor both the light and the shadow within us.

Sheri and Nancy both need to re-energize their practices. Seane tells them to start with 15 minutes each morning when they rise, dedicating their practices to someone they love. After many years of sharing her yogic wisdom, Seane says that her practice went from thinking it was all about her as the individual, to now doing yoga for the sake of making her community and world a better, safer, more grounded place.

As Sheri and Nancy embark on their year of fresh joy, Seane’s advice may just be what they need to inspire their stronger selves.

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