Ep 24 Beauty. Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent

Sheri and Nancy are diving into their newest pillar — Sanctuary & Beauty — with their two great friends Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, world-famous designers, best selling authors and stars of the TLC hit series, Nate & Jeremiah by Design. (Season 2 premieres April 7th.) Nate and Jeremiah have a lot to say about classic beauty, modern fashion, and how they create and convey their best lives through the power of design and style. Sheri and Nancy talk with them about everything they can dream up under this pillar: how homes can either be transitional or transformational, why we all want to be Diane Keaton, how to dress like a French lady, and why it’s so important to even have just a corner in your house that is a source of peace and inspiration.

According to Nate and Jer, a wrinkle-free forehead is great but it can only take you so far. Inner beauty, confidence, and a great smile is the ultimate beauty tip, especially for those rebranding in their 50s.


  • [5:02] Sheri and Nancy welcome their amazingly funny, talented, smart, gorgeous friends Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent to the show.
  • [8:14] Nate has lots of tips to share: The “beauty” cocktail for women (and men if they so please) in their 50s starts with botox, followed by Juvederm or another filler.
  • [17:15] The team discusses Diane Keaton, who is an icon of pure beauty, style and elegance at any age.
  • [21:45] Your style and space should be an expression of who you are, and an extension of your spirit.
  • [33:16] Money does not equate style. Expensive bags and shoes are great, but the most interesting move you could make stylistically is to do something personal and connect with your own vibe.
  • [37:28] Home can either be transitional or transformational. When you look around your space, your eyes should land on the things that matter most to you. For Jeremiah, it’s the moments and sensations that matter, and for Nate, it’s the tangible things. Together this is a perfect blend to help the people they work with create a sanctuary.

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