Ep 25 Spiritual Cliff Diving with Anjali Kumar

Spiritual adventurer, risk taker and best-selling author Anjali Kumar joins Sheri and Nancy for a talk about a renaissance of the soul. Anjali’s book, Stalking God: My Unorthodox Search for Something to Believe in, took her on a journey around the world as she searched high and low and in unlikely places —  from baking muffins for a Wiccan potluck in Brooklyn to waiting in line for a faith healer in Brazil — for something to believe in. Anjali talks to Sheri and Nancy about what she found, and what she didn’t, on her quest for meaning.

Anjali shares stories about shamanism, tantric sound baths and the importance of surrounding yourself with great women. She also explains how she incorporates her own brand of spirituality into her life — something Sheri and Nancy are focusing on everyday in their Spirituality & Happiness pillar.

Listen along and dive off the spiritual cliff with us!


  • [2:37] Best-selling author and spiritual explorer, Anjali Kumar, comes from the startup world. Her fascinating career includes a stint at Warby Parker and six years at Google as a senior lawyer. She is currently the Chief People Officer and General Counsel at Cheddar, a news network for Millennials. Her new book, Stalking God: My Unorthodox Search for Something to Believe, was released in January 2018.
  • [5:17] Nancy asks questions about becoming a shaman and Anjali gives her good advice: If you are looking into shamanism, it’s important to find a teacher and guide you feel is trustworthy and safe.
  • [8:14] Sheri shares her experience with Brazilian healer John of God. There were magical parts of the visit but she left with a feeling of skepticism and wanting more.
  • [19:15] Anjali’s work has led her to the conclusion that we’re all looking for the same three things in life: health, happiness, and love.
  • [20:19] Anjali felt moved and changed by the entire Burning Man experience, but next time she wants better accommodations.
  • [30:54] Her TED Talk is called, “My Failed Mission to Find God — and what I found instead.”
  • [33:01] Anjali still incorporates Indian and Hindu cultural traditions in her home, and she also practices transcendental meditation, as do Sheri and Nancy. All three are working on taking spiritual practices in little bite-size pieces, just 10-15 minutes a day, switching up the modalities and approaches as they go.

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