Ep 35 Angela Manuel-Davis: Honor Your Body

Body Love Reigns Supreme (that’s a Pillar story!) in today’s episode with mind-body-spirit warrior Angela Manuel Davis. From the very first moment they met Angela, Sheri and Nancy knew they had discovered someone very special. They say her SoulCycle class in West Hollywood is like “church.” It is a path to both enlightenment and a rock-hard butt. Angela joins Sheri and Nancy to channel some body and wellness wisdom from on high. Don’t miss it.

Angela’s core motivation is to tap into the energy from the universe and mix it with intensity and a no-excuses approach to fitness. She embodies the DreamTribe because she truly believes that hope is a choice and that the best is yet to come, for all of us. Angela gives Sheri and Nancy some tips on how to embrace the gift of our body and disrupt our comfort zones. Her advice lays the groundwork for not one, but two Pillars: Health & Wellness and Spirituality & Happiness. To Angela, they are intrinsically linked. She advises us all to take care of our inner temples. We believe! Let’s get started.


  • [3:04] Sheri and Nancy are joined by Angela Manuel Davis, one of the top SoulCycle instructors on the planet. Her approach goes way beyond health and wellness and into the realm of spiritual wholeness and energetic joy. She invites everyone around her to join in and rise up for a spiritual experience.
  • [6:00] Especially in our 50s it’s easy to feel as though we’ve been through so much. As someone representing the age demographic herself, Angela believes and practices that what we have gone through prepares us for brighter and better days ahead.
  • [7:55 ] Hope is a choice and we can shift from fear to faith.
  • [12:42] Starting the day with gratitude and mindful movement is a powerful way to embrace the gift of our body and disrupt what no longer serves us.
  • [20:50] Angela’s mantra about becoming stronger, losing weight, or just getting healthier is simple: Change your mind, change your body, change your life.
  • [27:31] Happiness is circumstantial but peace is internal. It is a privilege and honor to take care of our bodies and to live up to our full potential.
  • [36:33] The great physique and slammin’ body that one gets from a commitment to health isn’t the answer alone to sustainable inner peace, but it sure is nice. Treating our body with self-care is a way to open us up for connections with both our own spiritual side and loved ones in our life.
  • [38:56] Angela announces the AMDIO Method, which stands for Angela Manuel Davis Inside Out. Her signature method promotes her philosophy of change. More to come on it soon, so stay tuned to her webpage and socials.
  • [40:48] Want more Angela? Of course, you do. You have the chance to hang with her during: This is Fifty with Sheri and Nancy: The Weekend. She will be lifting our energy and holding the space for spirit. Link for event at 1440 Multiversity in notes below.

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