Ep 38 Sheri’s Deep Dive – The Hoffman Process

Every once in a while, we all need to dive deep. Really look at the dark corners of our lives and our pasts, and try to unearth the things that bring us pain so that we can vanquish them, once and for all. That’s exactly what Sheri did when she spent eight days at The Hoffman Process, a world renowned healing and personal growth retreat. Now she is ready to share what she learned, with Nancy and all of their listeners.

And wow, does she have some major insights to unpack. Sheri describes the shifts and revelations she and her other Hoffman colleagues experienced as a result of the intensive work. This is what Pillar Living is all about — facing the obstacles so that you can get to the joy.

On a much lighter note, during the week Sher was away, Nance visited her favorite farmers markets and did her own deep dive — into vegan cooking!


  • [1:05] Nancy loves a good farmers’ market and has been making it a priority to attend them and gather fresh ingredients for her beloved recipes. If you live in the Los Angeles area, she recommends the Brentwood market.
  • [5:58] Sheri followed the universal signs leading her to The Hoffman Process. It’s intense, intimate, and a deep dive into your past and childhood. Sheri bravely faced her old wounds so that she could  come out on the other side. She had some major shifts around how she views lovability and worthiness both in herself and her tribe.
  • [16:24] During Sheri’s intensive retreat, one of the rules was no technology. She did eight days of no cell phone and no laptop. This may seem like the scariest thing now, but she found it freeing. It reminded her of the past where we weren’t connected to machines 24/7.
  • [19:31] People in the Hoffman Process with Sheri seemed lighter and brighter physically after all the work of freeing themselves from emotional baggage. Maybe diving into old childhood wounds is the new facelift?
  • [23:04] What you wanted at 30 isn’t necessarily what you want in your 50s. One of the most brave and loving things we can do for ourselves is to be honest about what our current desires are and express them to the world unabashedly.
  • [27:53] Love and worthiness are right on the other side of shame and humiliation.
  • [30:04] If you can just stir up the tiniest flame of hope, that is enough of a spark to get yourself going.
  • [32:41] Find your DreamTribe so you can dig in and have deep, ongoing, elevated conversations. One place to look is at our inaugural live event: This is Fifty with Sheri and Nancy: The Weekend. We have an amazing line-up of teachers and tribe-builders who are going to help us harness our collective energy and ignite our dreams. Tickets are on sale now at 1440.org/thisisfifty.

To email Sheri and Nancy: team@thepillarlife.com

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