Ep 4 Fountain of Youth

Most women can point to times in their lives where health and wellness took a backseat to other commitments. No more! Sheri and Nancy are making Happiness their “Job One” on this DreamQuest, and that means being in the bodies they’ve always wanted.

In this episode Sheri and Nancy call in two health gurus. The first is Sheri’s new doctor, Rachel West. After years of following traditional Western medicine, Sheri broke out of that box and found a doctor who combines non-traditional and traditional methods, with a kind of gentle wisdom that makes Sheri’s heart sing. Dr. West seems to have cracked the code to helping her improve her health on so many fronts. She’s starting to feel younger and better in her body than ever before.

The second expert is a fitness queen who created Nancy’s new workout obsession — Ellen Latham, founder of Orangetheory Fitness, the hottest interval training program in the country. After years of belonging to countless gyms and hiring personal trainers, with less than stellar results, Nancy is over the moon that she found a program she loves, that motivates her, and where she feels she belongs. Ellen, who is in her 60s, is an inspiration for all women who want to age beautifully in strong bodies.


  • [4:08] Sheri talks about finally being on the leading edge of healthy and alternative approaches like raw diets, colonics, and Eastern Medicine.
  • [23:00] Nancy explains Orangetheory Fitness and interval training, and why it works for her.
  • [25:07] Ellen Latham, founder of Orangetheory Fitness, shares her background in the fitness industry, and how she created Orangetheory Fitness. She is 60 years old, and an inspiration for pushing to be the best version of our lives. Her base, push, and all out methods are the answer to Nancy’s fitness dreams!

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