Ep 5 Meet the Matchmaker

This week’s episode is all about matchmaking. Not that thing where your neighbor’s hairstylist knows someone who was pretty sure she heard of an eligible man somewhere, but professional matchmaking. With a bonafide modern-day yenta. An expert who specializes in finding true love. Everyone, meet the matchmaker, Claire Wexler.

Sheri and Nancy are on different paths to calling in the soulmate men of their dreams, but short of walking around with sandwich boards advertising their eligibility, both can use a little help. Claire, who works at the luxury matchmaking firm, Selective Search, talks to Sheri and Nancy about finding love in their fifties, what men are looking for in true-love partners, and the importance of being the best versions of themselves to attract the right men and sustain the relationships of their dreams. Let’s be real, this is advice all of us could use.


  • [7:58] Nancy has dipped her toe in the matchmaking world before, but nothing as personal and curated as Selective Search.
  • [18:25] Claire the matchmaker gives her thoughts on the pros and cons of online dating.
  • [25:05] Claire pulls back the curtain for a behind-the-scenes look at professional matchmaking. She also shares feedback and advice for women on how to put their best dating foot forward.
  • [34:26] Sheri is on her love path through another angle of personal work, meditation and cleaning up her diet. Nancy is jumping right in and determining whether hiring on a full-time matchmaker is right for her.

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