Ep 51 Energize Your Home and Your Life with Jayme Barrett

Feng Shui wizard and best-selling author Jayme Barrett says our personal landscape is a mirror to our inner life. She’s here to enliven Sheri and Nancy’s Sanctuary & Beauty pillar, helping them see how not only their homes, but everything that surrounds them including the clothes they wear, either expands or blocks their energetic flow and path to abundance. She shares ancient wisdom and practical tips for unlocking the potential in our homes, our surrounding and our spirit — getting the stagnant energy moving and creating an environment that supports health, wealth and happiness.

By the time we’ve reached midlife, it’s easy to have a massive collection of STUFF keeping us energetically stuck in the past and mired in old relationships and patterns. Jayme’s book Feng Shui Your Life, provides step by step methods to edit, cleanse, and re-energize our life from the inside out, and outside in. This is a big important knowing for the DreamTribe — redefining the middle of life includes clearing out the clutter, physically and vibrationally, and bringing in the joy.


  • [5:21] There are many schools of Feng Shui, since its inception from over 4,000 years ago in Ancient China. It’s all about creating a space in your home and in your life where you feel comfortable, energized, and available to receive good energy.
  • [8:54] Every item in your home connects us in some way to an emotion, a memory, an energy. It’s so important to notice which things bring you joy and which ones deplete you. Fix the broken furniture, get rid of items that hold a sad memory, and regift those books you will never read or pianos you will never play.
  • [10:52] Our homes hold our dreams, so we have to clear out old energy to usher in new vitality. Objects from old relationships can block us. Strike a healthy balance between things that bring you joy from the past and space for new things to come into your life.
  • [16:20] Your house should whisper to you, and reflect who you want to be. If you want to live your dream life and energize your spirit, Jayme suggests adding art that inspires you, painting the walls a bright color and putting Aunt Gertrude’s old sad clown paintings away.
  • [19:14] Make it a weekly ritual to go through even one space in one room of your house and ask: “Do I need it, use it, and love it? Does it make me happy and evoke positive energy?” If not, get rid of it!
  • [21:40] The focus of our bedroom should be on rest, rejuvenation and passion. If you are manifesting love, try adding items in pairs (two candles, two lamps) and create your very own little Noah’s Arc of romance.
  • [28:41] Bringing nature indoors is important in the practice of Feng Shui. Sunlight, plants and flowers energize and bring life to our home.
  • [29:52] In Jayme’s book she explains and lays forth the Feng Shui Map of the Bagua.
  • [33:12] Colors can set the tone for now we feel and our moods. Pink opens the heart, and red is great for motivation, and blues and greens are calming. Sheri and Nancy both are fans of wearing black from head to toe but plan on incorporating bright accessories.
  • [36:02] In Feng Shui, water represents money and prosperity through circulating and moving energy.
  • [41:37] Start small and move around 20 things you love in your home to get stagnant energy flowing.
  • [46:53] Just as we create our special love nook with intention, we must create a space in our homes for meditation and contemplation. Jayme has a wall of motivation and manifestation, and uses it as a daily visual reminder of what inspires and ignites her.


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