Ep 63 Love Breakthrough with Mark Groves

Sex. Love. Romance. Viagra. These have been hot-button topics for Sher and Nance in recent weeks. And now they’re calling in the big guns — love and relationship expert (and a total lovebug in his own right) Mark Groves. Mark is a Human Connection Specialist who helps people all over the world nurture deeper relationships with the people they love. He is vulnerable and honest, sharing his own experiences as a man in love. And he helps us all break through old beliefs and routines, shedding light on what he calls our rock bottom moments, our love limits, and how to say “no” to the wrong people, faster.

Mark, Sheri and Nancy discuss the fun and flirty parts of sex and love, but also what we can learn in times of conflict and confrontation. He calls Sher and Nance out on some red flags wavin’ in the breeze in both of their Lifescapes; those things they think and say that may be preventing them from finding love. Mark is all about Creating the Love. And we are all ears.


  • This is the first of two episodes taped at the Wanderlust Wellspring Festival in Palm Springs, CA, a health and wellness gathering unlike anything Sher and Nance have seen before.
  • As Sheri follows the road down hormone lane, she reveals the results from an extensive blood test. She’s discovered that her vessel is as barren as the desert she just spent the weekend in. Oh dear.
  • Mark Groves is our beloved guest this week and he is all about helping people connect and grow in their relationships, at whatever stage they may be in.
  • Let’s all gain insight into our own love limits — those toxic beliefs we buy into about what happens when we truly give ourselves over to love. Do you believe you’ll be betrayed, disappointed, dumped? These old stories are blocking you from reaching your soaring potential in love and life.
  • When we are open and curious in our relationships, we can get to the rock bottom of who we really are.
  • For women, especially in the middle of life, self-worth and happiness are often reliant on making other people feel good, or being of service. The DreamTribe call to action is to tend to your own garden first, work on your own Pillars, and then shine that energy and abundance out to the world.
  • Mark says we need to turn conflict into intimacy. “When you get triggered, get curious.”


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  • Sheri is the Mistress of Ceremonies and Nancy is a Featured Speaker at The League’s inaugural Summit Gathering for the Just Like My Child Foundation on November 11 in Carlsbad, CA. You can find out more information about this great cause here.
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