Ep 65 Thanksgiving Stories

Thanksgiving. A time of nostalgia, reflection, and stuffing. Sher and Nance give a peek into their Thanksgiving meals, family traditions, and stories from days gone by. They also share hostess challenges, some near-fatal disasters, and rituals they will cherish forever. From cheeseballs to cordial cups, this holiday is a favorite for both Sheri and Nancy.

They also reflect on the difference between gratitude and appreciation. One is tinged with the shadow of scarcity while the other is the door to abundance. Listen in and see if you agree.


  • Even from a young age, Chef Nancy found great fun in being responsible for the Thanksgiving feast, a meal so important and steeped in tradition.
  • Sheri still relishes the big fancy tables and appetizer offerings from her Thanksgiving meals.
  • Nancy’s family is open to having Thanksgiving in different locations, but it must always include their signature components: dumplings, sauerkraut (from her Czech heritage) and two pies — pumpkin and apple.
  • Sheri’s present-day Thanksgiving is a carb overload. Since she doesn’t eat meat, it’s become a menu of sides. She needs a strategy!
  • As much as Sher and Nance love the Pillar Life Lentil Loaf, they think it is NOT a good substitute for a Thanksgiving main dish.
  • Does a big, honkin’ ball of cheese sound good to you? If so, check one of Sheri’s fan favorites: the Cheeseball. (Although these days she subs in imitation bacon bits for real bacon).
  • Sheri and Nancy are so thankful for their beloved listeners and wish you and your families the best Thanksgiving ever.

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