Ep 66 Wake Up to the Joy of You: Agapi Stassinopoulos

Agapi is a tender, joyful spirit, a gifted storyteller, and that friend who will make you name your worry, then help you dance it away. She’s also Arianna Huffington’s beloved sister and the author of Wake Up to The Joy of You, her new book, a treasure trove of wisdom and feel-good mantras that Sheri and Nancy just can’t put down.

Agapi has devoted her life to spiritual work and meaningful interaction, whether it’s one-on-one coaching or speaking to packed arenas. She talks with Sher and Nance about how we can all rise from worry to mastery, the conversations we must have with ourselves to come into our soul’s true alignment, and some practical tips to get out of our heads full of worry and into our hearts full of joy.


  • Agapi’s latest book, Wake Up to the Joy of You, provides “52 meditations and practices for a calmer and happier life.” She believes in making it a priority to rewire the brain in order to become a positive creator in your own life.
  • Ask yourself: What part of me am I judging? Find the root cause of your anxiety, and bring it to the light.
  • The danger of worry is when we project it in the future or ignore it and let it gather steam. When we name it, understand it, and practice healing our present moment, the future will take care of itself.
  • Agapi’s mother instilled in her and her sister Arianna the wavering faith that “life is rigged in your favor.”
  • Know your linchpin, that one thing that holds it all together for you. For Nancy it’s getting a great night’s sleep. She’s a 9-hour girl!
  • The greatest gift we can give ourselves and the world is to go to bed feeling fulfilled and appreciative of all we did that day, and not to judge or feel guilty about what we didn’t get to.

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