Ep 67 We’re Talking About Drinking

Cocktails and wine are a fun way to celebrate the holidays, but there’s a limit to what we should imbibe. When to drink, how much to drink and what to drink in order to stay healthy and on track with our Pillar Life goals? In this week’s episode, Sheri and Nancy get honest about their drinking habits and the changes they want to make in the coming months. And they talk to Todd White, a health disruptor, biohacker and the founder of Dry Farm Wines, a bespoke purveyor of wines that are free of sugar, carbs and toxins. Todd shares the latest on the frontier of the wine revolution, talks about his own personal health pillars, and describes how Dry Farm Wines offers a health-conscious, natural, additive-free answer to traditional factory winemaking.


  • Nancy was so moved by Russell Brand’s talk at the recent Wanderlust Wellspring event that she committed to six months of sobriety!
  • The profound way Russell tells his story of addiction and his approach to the 12 steps in his book Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions has led Nancy to reflect on how even moderate drinking has affected her Pillar life. Through journaling, meditating and even prayer she is connecting more deeply with herself.
  • Sher and Nance discovered Dry Farm Wines from their beloved past guest, Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert, JJ Virgin, who recommended this healthy way to imbibe.
  • Todd White, Founder of Dry Farm Wines, leads by example with his passion for healthy and intentional living. He is dedicated to a 23-hour daily fast (which means he eats only one hour per day). And he keeps that one meal ketogenic with high-quality meats, vegetables, and healthy fats.
  • Every day is a chance to biohack our lives to positively impact and influence our biological and neurological outcome. Diet is one important way to get results, along with sleep, exercise and meditation.
  • Todd developed Dry Farm Wines when he became intolerant to the sugar in other wines and wanted to develop a healthy, organic wine in small sourced batches.
  • Much like the food industry, the wine business has spent a lot of money to keep ingredients off the labels. There are a whopping 76 additives approved by the FDA in winemaking, and 52% of all the wines manufactured in the US are made by only three companies.
  • Todd’s biohack for staying sane during the upcoming holidays: find a quiet space to meditate every day and love yourself and those around you.

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