Ep 69 Your Holiday Survival Plan

The holidays are a mixed bag. On one hand, it’s the season to celebrate with friends and families, to get cozy with hot cocoa around a fire, to bake gingerbread cookies and sip the sparkly. But for most of us, it’s also a time where we feel something missing — whether it’s loved ones who have passed, dreams that have not yet materialized, or just a moment’s peace in the frenzied bustle.

In this week’s episode, Sher and Nance share their own Christmas stories: the good, the bad and the downright sad. And they decide to make this holiday season one of unbridled optimism, no matter what. The holidays are the perfect time to dive into our Pillar Life approach, with a special focus on the Spirituality + Happiness Pillar. Let’s all stay happy, healthy and centered this holiday season…and let’s keep that Next Right Dream in our sights for the New Year.


  • While Sheri and Nancy each appreciate their Christmas traditions, this time of year can feel weighty with nostalgia and tinged with sadness. Honoring your loved ones that have passed is a holiday tradition that can help us all feel more connected and less alone.
  • The first step to moving happily through the holiday season is to observe your gloomy feelings and bring them to the light. Ignoring or denying your emotional rawness will just make it burn stronger.
  • Too much focus on gift buying can be stressful. Connecting with a friend over a walk or cup of tea can mean even more than a store-bought item.
  • We have the opportunity to change our story and look at December as a time to really focus on our Spirituality & Happiness Pillar.
  • Being a Pollyanna is one of the most spiritually powerful things you can do. See the best in your environment and the people around you. This creates positive outcomes; people and situations will show up as reflections of your optimism.
  • Trade your presents for presence. Carve out moments during your holiday celebrations to sit with yourself, journal, or do anything that connects you with peace, joy and alignment.
  • A few of Sher and Nance’s favorite holiday traditions: Baking cookies, lighting Christmas-scented candles, playing carefully curated (happy) holiday music (sorry Charlie Brown and Auld Lang Syne, you make us cry), and cuddling up to great movies like The Family Stone, Elf, White Christmas, and It’s a Wonderful Life

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