Ep 7 The Food Guru

Like in so many of their pursuits, Sheri and Nancy were looking for information, inspiration, and a little bit of magic to get the momentum going in the right direction when it came to food and nutrition. And deep in the desert, at We Care Spa, they found her — the Food Guru, Bridgette Becker. Nutritionist, naturopath, aromatherapist, yogi, and doula. She’s the renaissance woman of wellness.

Bridgette visited Belle Vie to cook some of her favorite recipes with Nancy and Sheri, and to chat with them about how she’s made health and longevity a priority in her own life. She shares the main “ingredients” that add up to great health: hydration, gut health, eliminating artificial and processed foods, and making the time for mindful eating. Sheri and Nancy have never felt more empowered, and they share some delicious tips and tricks to creating a health-forward, vegan(ish) life.


  • [5:47] This episode’s special guest is WeCare Spa’s superstar nutritionist and Food Guru, Bridgette Becker.
  • [11:44] On the path to holistic Health & Wellness, one of Sheri and Nancy’s key DreamQuest pillars, one of the first and most important things to do is eliminate artificial flavors, sweeteners and processed fast foods.
  • [13:03] About 80% of all Americans are dehydrated. Bridgette tells us why and shares a formula for just how much water we all need in a day (it’s more than you think).
  • [17:36] Gut health is crucially important, and something that our culture needs to focus on now, more than ever.
  • [23:05] Beware dairy! Most people are intolerant.
  • [36:44] The body can live without fruits but not without vegetables. To keep blood sugar balanced, Bridgette recommends keeping fruit intake to one to two servings a day.
  • [42:00] Sheri and Nancy share some recipes and products they like. Yum — vegan coconut milkshakes!

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