Ep 72 Happy For No Reason with Marci Shimoff

Can you have it all, a life brimming with success and material wealth, and still give yourself a D on the Happiness Rating Scale? According to happiness teacher Marci Shimoff, yes you can. She experienced that roller coaster ride first hand, and is on this week’s podcast to tell us all about it, and how she learned to not just be happy, but be happy for no reason at all.

Marci threw herself into the study of true happiness and wrote the #1 New York Times Best Seller, Happy for No Reason, which propelled her to being one of the bestselling female nonfiction authors of all time. She’s also the coauthor of six top-selling titles in the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series. Marci talks with Sheri and Nancy about how our habits transform our happiness, the Seven Areas of Happiness that she identified based on reams of research, and three practices we can get started on right now to conjure up unbridled delight.

Joy for the sake of joy. That’s what we’re talking about DreamTribe. Listen in.


  • Happiness that is based on a condition (I’ll be happy when I get this job, this relationship, a body like Halle Berry) is fleeting.True happiness for no reason is lasting and unshakeable.
  • The Pillar Life approach leads us to this very concept: inner joy, unbridled optimism and spiritual contentment.
  • Habits can make us happy. Marci explains that happiness is 50% genetic, 10% our circumstances, and 40% our behavior. That means there’s huge power in our habits, behavior, and our Pillar practices.
  • Marci had it all —  a rockstar author, traveling the world and living what she thought was her dream. Yet, she felt empty inside and knew she needed to make an internal shift.  
  • Marci says that happiness is like the structure of a home: Foundation (taking responsibility for your life), Four Corner Pillars (mind, heart, body, and soul), Roof (a purposeful and passionate life), and Garden (surrounding yourself with supportive people and practices).
  • A practice that can shift us from anger and resentment to compassion and empathy is sending four wishes of forgiveness: I’m Sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. Love you.


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