Ep 73 Getting “Happier” with Liz Craft & Sarah Fain

When they aren’t writing, producing and selling Emmy Award-winning TV shows, or hosting their hugely successful Happier in Hollywood podcast, Sarah Fain and Liz Craft are most likely spilling every detail of their day to each other. Powerhouse writing partners, showrunners, executive producers, and soul-sister has friends who want nothing more than to lift each other up. In short, our kind of women!

In this week’s episode, Sheri and Nancy talk to Sarah and Liz about friendship, self care and slaying the game of life. We get a teaser of Liz and Sarah’s new show, The Fix, coming soon to ABC, and Liz shares what she’s learned working with her sister Gretchen on the blockbuster podcast, Happier, with Gretchen Rubin.

This is a mega-watt girlfriend chat, so pull up a chair, DreamTribe.



  • Sher and Nance find it refreshing to kick off a new year with the structure and foundational work laid out in the Pillars. For Sher, her intention is to continue to progress on Health + Wellness with more ease and flow. Nance is shining a light on the Pillars that may need a little more love, such as Adventure + Discovery.
  • Liz and Sarah are TV show writers including the final two seasons of Angel, The Shield, and Women’s Murder Club (which they created).
  • Their podcast Happier in Hollywood brings peace, sanity, and levity to a world that can be normally competitive and as they describe it, “fundamentally insane.”
  • Their team theme in 2018 was to “expand always, all ways,” and in 2019 it is to explode! Bigger guests, deeper conversations, and just pushing themselves to do even more of the inner work that they, in turn, can share with the world.
  • Liz also co-hosts one of the most popular podcasts on the planet, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, with her sister Gretchen.
  • Liz and Sarah celebrate their own personal differences and tastes and are constantly learning from each other and lifting one another up.
  • Even as successful as both Liz and Sarah are, they make it a practice to do the inner work, believe in themselves and observe any limiting beliefs that keep them from living to their highest potential.
  • Celebrate the small wins and revel in the present accomplishments. It’s fun to plan and dream but we don’t want to lose the precious moment of NOW.
  • Take it from Liz and Sarah, two of the busiest women in showbiz: you do have time to take care of yourself. In fact, you don’t have time not to.
  • It’s freeing to share. If it’s on a podcast or creative project that is great but even just going deeper with a friend over tea or coffee is a game changer.
  • Liz and Sarah are thrilled for their show, The Fix, to be out soon on ABC. It is a legal thriller that features Marcia Clark, the O.J. Simpson prosecutor, as their co-writer and Executive Producer.


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