Ep 75 Making Big Moves

When you set your Pillars in motion, sometimes change happens fast. Like, really fast. The power of momentum may even trigger a root chakra upheaval, and in all honesty, a meltdown.

In today’s episode, Sheri and Nancy announce huge changes, big moves, and the twists and turns of emotions they’re processing while they realize some of their own blue-sky dreams. Luckily for both gals they have each other, and the entire DreamTribe, to help sort through the sometimes muddy transition into a fresh new life. Let’s cheer them on, DreamTribers!

This episode is also the debut of a new segment called Listener Inbox. Sher and Nance read listeners’ emails and answer all kinds of questions and queries.

Here’s to a new day.  



  • By living their Pillar Lives, Nancy and Sheri both recently realized they were ready for a change outside of Los Angeles. Sheri always thought her dream of living in Napa Valley would manifest in 10+ years, but guess what? It’s happening right now. The reality of living in a small town is exciting for her, but the move has been overwhelming, even chaotic, and very emotional.
  • One expert tip from the Marie Kondo (tidiness guru) consultant Sheri hired is to toss all the photos where you don’t look good. Great advice.
  • We are never tethered to just one version of life and it is never too late to reach for the next dream. However, it does take flexibility, and there may be moments that require sitting in uncertainty and disruption.
  • The birth of a new dream often includes the death of an old dream.
  • Nancy has figured out a way to make one of her biggest “Framily” dreams come true, and now Seattle is calling her name.
  • New adventures are in store for Sher and Nance now that they’ll be living in different cities; this change feels invigorating and exciting. So many more girlfriend conversations to unfold.
  • Listener Inbox: Can you have an amazing marriage with your soulmate partner AND a best friendship similar to what Sher and Nance have? Tune in to hear their answer!


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