Ep 76 The DreamTribe Writes In…

Our listeners write the best emails. Sheri and Nancy are mining some gems on this week’s show, reading all kinds of questions from devoted DreamTribers, covering a range of topics, from how to make the most of taking time off work, to favorite meditation techniques, to interesting ways to make sexy small talk with strangers.

Sher and Nance give an update on what life is like living in different cities. Sheri is actively putting out the love vibe all around her new town, and Nancy is pinging and dinging on new dating platforms.


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  • Whether it’s upping your Sanctuary + Beauty Pillar or just committing to feeling free, the DreamTribe has really stepped up and continues to impress and inspire Sher and Nance. They love hearing what products you order and what pillars you’re focusing on.
  • If you struggle in one pillar and feel trapped or stuck, remember that the magic happens when you shore up the other pillars and take care of what is doable.
  • Self-kindness is self-care.
  • The “all or nothing” mindset leads to nothing. Drinking more water, making more food at home and just going to the yoga class is enough to make a huge impact.
  • Be intentional about your time off and make a plan for what you want to accomplish with extra time.
  • Conjure fun and good energy on a date by practicing and figuring out ways to talk about yourself and your life in ways that are enticing and joyful. Everyone around you can feel it.


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