Ep 77 Home Cooking with Nancy

The day has come and it’s finally here. The Pillar Life Kitchen show is live, and hopefully, you’re hungry. Starring our very own Nancy Hala, the shows are snack-size episodes that demonstrate step-by-step how to create delicious, plant-powered dishes. Impress yourself and everyone around you with new and inventive ways to eat more plants.

In this week’s episode, Sher and Nance describe The Pillar Life Kitchen show, sharing what to expect and where to find it. They also tell a few of their own cooking stories, and how they find their zen in the kitchen. Don’t miss it!



  • Home cook Nancy is thrilled to share dishes that are near and dear to her heart. She will be “Nancyizing” comfort food staples — like soups, sides, and salads — making them lighter and brighter with nutritious plant-powered options.
  • This show is a co-creative endeavor, and Sheri and Nancy would love to hear your questions and suggestions. Also, a special thank you to Cinematographer and Editor Ben Ivers, who brought his own magic to the production.
  • The dishes Nancy likes best have a mindfulness to them. One example is the popular Buddha Bowl. Nourishing, clean and simple.
  • Nancy’s commitment to cooking kicked into high gear when she had her first child, Alex. It continued throughout the years, as both of her children became student-athletes who needed big lumberjack meals all week long.
  • Sheri’s two tips as a novice trying to prep home-cooked meals: find a few hours a week that you can set aside to prep, and enjoy the journey.
  • Listener Inbox: Are we what we drink? Or what we dream? Maybe a little of both.


Mentioned in This Episode:


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The Pillar Life Kitchen is here! Plant-Powered Goodness from home chef Nancy, herself.