Ep 8 Why Can’t I Meditate?

Sheri and Nancy have a confession to make. They talk about meditating more than they actually meditate. There! It’s out in the open. And yet they know that twice daily meditation is the key to the kingdom when it comes to one of their most important pillars: Spirituality & Happiness. So in this episode, they try to figure out how to really, once and for all, make daily meditation– specifically, Transcendental Meditation (TM) — part of their lives.

Luckily, Bob Roth, one of the most renowned and beloved TM teachers in the world, joins Sheri and Nancy at Belle Vie to help inspire them, and all of us, by sharing the benefits of meditation and how to easily make it part of daily life. One of Bob’s best messages is simple: Forgive yourself for straying away from daily practice. (Good news for Sheri and Nancy.) But also, he wants us all to prioritize ourselves and take responsibility for the quality of our own energy. It’s how celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld and Paul McCartney stay on top of their creative game. If this episode speaks to you enough to find a TM teacher or even just download a meditation app on your phone, know that Sheri and Nancy are cheering you on.


  • [14:01] Don’t worry if you fall asleep while meditating. Your body does what it needs to do in a state of relaxation.
  • [16:13] Meditation is a tool used by creative luminaries like Jerry Seinfeld and Paul McCartney.
  • [18:15] Turn the story around from “I should”, try changing it to “I get to” for self care routines like exercise, eating healthy and meditating.
  • [24:41] When you are doing something good for you and get pulled in a different direction, the first and most important thing is to be understanding and forgiving to yourself. Next is to realize how important it is to make yourself a priority.
  • [30:23] Bob has been meditating for over 48 years, and gives examples on other types of meditations compared to TM.
  • [33:54] Meditation helps you prepare your day mindfully, to have more quality energy. Over time, the benefits of daily practice are cumulative, and include deep rest and a healthy prefrontal cortex.

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