Ep 81 You Turns with Lisa Oz

Lisa Oz is an extraordinary writer, producer and entrepreneur. She has also been married for more than 30 years to the guru of healthy living, Dr. Mehmet Oz, so she knows a thing or two about transformation, relationships, and living a balanced life.

Lisa and her best friend Jill Herzog are co-hosts of a fantastic podcast called You Turns, which explores the shifts and transformations in the middle of life. Lisa believes we all must be our own happiness coach. This week she talks to Sher and Nance about her own Pillar practices; challenges us all to really truly answer the question “If not now, when?”; and divulges why she won’t let her husband get too “Dr. Ozzie” on her.



  • Lisa Oz believes we all have  to continually work on our pillars, and Sher and Nance couldn’t agree more! The Pillar Life is a process of shoring up pillars, sometimes one at a time.
  • Lisa lives a life of balance when it comes to joy and nutrition. She says food should nourish your body and delight your taste buds.
  • Find what works for you personally within The Pillar Life practices. Lisa prefers prayer over meditation, but it’s all about what feels good to you. Whatever way you choose to move, stretch, sit in stillness, and eat is determined by what gives you the most happiness and energy.
  • Lisa and her best friend Jill worked together on The Good Life and wanted to continue their relationship and support each other through a period of a career change and empty-nesting. Their You Turns podcast explores all aspects of middle of life transformations with compassion, wisdom and a sense of humor.
  • The real secret to a great long-term marriage includes honesty and showing up open to learn and grow. Lisa’s advice: Always be courting each other, and keep the flames of desire lit.
  • Give what you seek. Not just in romantic relationships but in all your close and intimate connections.


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You Turns

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