Ep 87 Getting unstuck in love, with Arielle Ford

It’s spring and we’re ready for LOVE. Arielle Ford returns to the show to help us unstick ourselves, assuage our fear, break down walls, dismantle our armor, and let love flow in. Arielle talks with Sheri and Nancy about why we get stuck in the first place and how to set our vibration to call love into our lives. Arielle offers three great rules about dating that involve “S.E.X.” — hint: it’s NOT what you think.

Arielle also gives super smart guidance for those who are partnered, like showering your mate with at least five appreciative affirmations every day. We’re telling you, she’s a love witch. And we are ready for her love spells.


  • We can intentionally create the energy in our Romance + Sex Pillar so that a partner can feel welcome to come into our lives.
  • Nancy fixed her broken bedside table lamp and voila! Just days later she opened a path to connect with an old flame. It’s all she will say for now, but she finally feels unstuck.
  • Old flames have a high success rate in romance because there is a shared history and a deep knowing of one another. Just be sure you communicate your values and stay aligned with what is right for you.
  • We are all connected — everyone and everything. So, we are already linked energetically to our soulmates. Arielle says we should start talking to them even before they show up!
  • The main reasons we get stuck in love in the first place are fear, “what if” thinking, and limiting beliefs.
  • Arielle’s three rules for having “S.E.X.” before the first date: Self Pleasure (oh my god). Eat (always down with that). And leave your exes out of the conversation (smart!).
  • If you do have a mate in your life, practice giving him or her five appreciative affirmations every day.
  • When we experience an adrenaline rush with someone, it mimics the hormones released in love. So find something you and your partner are deathly afraid of, and do it together!
  • Love is a behavior, a choice, and a decision. Infatuation fades but safety and trust stick.

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