Ep 9 Manifest Your Dreams

Sheri and Nancy launched their DreamQuest when they decided it’s never too late to make the rest of your dreams come true. This week, social media spiritual leader and next-level manifestor Gordana Biernat joins them to talk about the power of dreams, inspiration and “high-frequency” thoughts.

Gordana’s twitter account (@MyPowerTalk) is a light in the social media darkness. She uses her platform for the power of positivity by tweeting wisdom nuggets and spiritual haikus. And her new book, #KnowtheTruth, published by Hay House Publishing, is full of insights and gentle guidance. Gordana says that when times are tough and things seem “low,” it’s an invitation to go even deeper into your intentions, daydreaming and gratitude.

Gordana shares the three main steps that can help heighten your energetic frequency, no matter what’s going on around you, so that you can manifest your best life: 1) setting an intention in the morning, 2) daydreaming throughout the day, and 3) practicing gratitude in the evening for all lessons learned. Sheri and Nancy are reading Gordana’s book, and they’re both committing to these three steps for 45 days. They want to “Shine On” with Gordana. Join them, and share your stories.


  • [8:12] Gordana Biernat is one of our generation’s upcoming spiritual leaders. Her new book is called #KnowtheTruth, published by Hay House Publishing.
  • [11:31] Owning our energy and our frequency is crucial to living our most elevated lives. If we worry and think negatively, the universe will show us reasons to feel that way.
  • [12:11] Frequency is information about who we actually are. Gordana goes deeper into this topic and how “source” comes into play as the highest frequency.
  • [17:02] Our society perceives high positive thinking as naive, and values critical and negative thinking. This is a contrast to our true (positive) nature.
  • [18:30] Many things can wear us down in life — heartbreak, burnout, lack of self-care. Gordana shares some easy steps on how to flow into a new pattern full of intention and focus.
  • [21:32] Every morning is an opportunity to set an intention for how you want to feel and who you want to share your thoughts and energy with throughout the day.
  • [23:31] When you daydream, you are consciously creating pictures that you bring into your 3D reality. It’s not only okay to daydream; it’s an important way to manifest what you want.
  • [28:52] Gratitude and focusing on the positive is the key to upward momentum.
  • [31:14] End each day telling yourself what you learned and what you can take away. Even events that don’t seem “good” for us can be a lesson and a blessing.
  • [37:17] Gordana shares the secrets of manifesting soulmate love. Focus on what you desire in a partner, believe in it and feel it in your heart.
  • [42:15] Gordana started tweeting in 2012, and she found her voice in 140 characters, connecting with others of like-minded frequencies. She is an inspiration of how social media platforms can be used for good and to make the world a more magical place.

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