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Back to Butter by Molly Chester

Molly Chester is the culinary genius behind Apricot Lane Farms and the author of Back to Butter – a traditional foods cookbook filled with nourishing recipes inspired by our ancestors. We were introduced to Molly’s cooking at an event she hosted and could not stop raving about the flavors she pulled out of the simplest of ingredients. She shared one of her tricks-of-the-trade was using a food dehydrator to pack her snacks with flavor. We were sold – on both the book and the dehydrator. 

Back to Butter is beautifully photographed and divided into two parts, part I teaches you how to stock a traditional foods pantry and offers step-by-step guidance on the techniques and preparation methods practiced in traditional foods—including sprouting, soaking, and fermenting. Part II showcases more than 75 mouthwatering recipes, from main meals to side dishes, desserts, and more.

Listen to the BETTER here.

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