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Clean Protein by Kathy Freston

Kathy Freston may have found the key to longevity. She is a wellness activist and writer with a focus on healthy eating and conscious living who is a New York Times bestselling author four times over. Kathy joined Sheri + Nancy to talk about the pillar-of-pillars, Health + Wellness, and explained how she got into plant-based eating and shared the many reasons for and benefits of going vegan. She also shares the perfect protein source (hint: it’s not animals) as well as the science on what livestock does to our climate, the future of protein, and how to lean in to health, one bowl of lentils at a time.

Kathy’s latest book, Clean Protein, is co-written by wellness expert Bruce Friedrich and is available now. In a nation obsessed with protein, Kathy is on the forefront of the revolution to eat in a better, healthier, more intentional way.

Listen to the episode.


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