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Dream: Clarify and Create the Life You Want by Marcia Wieder

Marcia Wieder — Dream Coach, best-selling author, and founder of Dream University — believes we should all get what we want. She says we need to put aside our “myth of prerequisites” that tells us we can’t do this, or have that, until (fill in the blank) and start living the lives our dreams right now. That’s exactly what she did when she packed her bags and began her beautiful life in Rome. With her newest book, Dream: Create and Clarify What You Want, Marcia is lighting the path for us all to go after our dreams with confidence and grace.

Dream will help you design a life that is the highest expression of your purpose by creating dreams in every area that matters to you, both personally and professionally. This book will help you take real steps toward creating and achieving the dreams that matter to you most. It will help you to uncover, or recover, your purpose so that you can live with purpose―and there’s nothing that will bring you greater fulfillment.

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