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Feng Shui Your Life by Jayme Barrett

Feng Shui wizard and best-selling author Jayme Barrett says our personal landscape is a mirror to our inner life. She joined Sheri + Nancy on the podcast to enliven their Sanctuary & Beauty pillar, helping them see how not only their homes, but everything that surrounds them including the clothes they wear, either expands or blocks their energetic flow and path to abundance. She shares ancient wisdom and practical tips for unlocking the potential in our homes, our surrounding and our spirit — getting the stagnant energy moving and creating an environment that supports health, wealth and happiness.

Jayme’s latest book Feng Shui Your Life, provides step by step methods to edit, cleanse, and re-energize our life from the inside out, and outside in. This is a big important knowing for the DreamTribe — redefining the middle of life includes clearing out the clutter, physically and vibrationally, and bringing in the joy.

Listen to the episode.



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