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The Oz Family Kitchen by Lisa Oz

Lisa Oz is an extraordinary writer, producer and entrepreneur. She has also been married for more than 30 years to the guru of healthy living, Dr. Mehmet Oz, so she knows a thing or two about transformation, relationships, and living a balanced life.

Often, Lisa’s fans (and her husband, Mehmet’s!) are endlessly curious about what she and her family eat. They assume that the family of “America’s Doctor” must live on a diet of broccoli and bean sprouts and be sworn martyrs in the church of joyless nutrient consumption. This couldn’t be further from the truth. They love food. It just has to be good food – not processed, artificially flavored or filled with empty calories. They understand the power of food and its ability to heal, and in The Oz Family Kitchen they will, for the first time, share their knowledge, passion and recipes. It’s a Health + Wellness Pillar staple book for sure!

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