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BETTER. Whirley Pop

We love a cozy movie night at home. The only thing missing? The oh-so-delish movie theatre popcorn (and maybe the Dolby Sound System). But, we’ve struck game-changing gold with this gadget. 

The Original Whirley Pop Stovepop Popcorn Popper creates delicious and perfectly cooked popcorn in only 3 minutes. The patented stirring system keeps every kernel moving until it pops which means…no more burnt popcorn! You can customize your ‘corn using your fav oil and toppings. Sheri uses coconut oil to pop and Nancy sprinkles hers with nutritional yeast and kosher salt for an authentic buttery taste. It’s super easy to clean, fun to use and kind of adorable sitting on the stovetop. 

Listen to the BETTER here.


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